A Tear

Its dark, he’s alone
And he misses you
He wants to cry
But his heart has become stiff
His eyes have gone dry
He wants to scream
But his voice has gone missing
He thinks
About heartbreak
About how he got betrayed
He misses you but at the same time
He’s angry at you
But he still loves you
He still wants to be with you
He’ll give up everything in a second to have you back
He is frightened
And you’re his only saviour
He may have grown up but he’s still the same
The same person who slept in your arms
In his childhood
The same person who cried on your shoulder
When he was sad
The same person who found peace in your kisses
When he was scared
He writes
he misses you more
And oh finally
He sheds a…

(I think I miss my mother)

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