Already gone

Life was so good. Everything was in order. Two siblings and parents, it was all good for him. Fishing trips with his dad on weekends, ice-cream almost every night after dinner, early morning walks with his mother and whatnot, it was all in perfect shape.
He had never fell for any girl his whole life but then one day, during a wedding ceremony, he saw one girl, who had glorious eyes; deep as an ocean, beautiful smile and when she untied her hair it was like a brown waterfall. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life. She gazed towards him and chuckled; in a cute way and before he could give her a smile she blushed and started looking away. She was shy, innocent, perfect in her imperfectness. It all started from that wedding and it kept on going. Rare meetings, late night texts and whatnot. It was all happening. He had never wished for anything in his life before but he was dying for her, he wanted her to not be just a part of his life but he wanted her to be his life.
Then one day, he woke up with a weird feeling. He hadn’t recieved any morning text from her, he got worried. He tried to contact her but he couldnt reach. He got terrified. What if something had happened to her? What would I do now? He thought. But, nothing had happened to her. She was safe but her parents, they had decided to marry her somewhere. He felt so helpless, he couldnt stop it even if he tried. He was in shambles. She was also terrified, all those dreams, it all fell apart. With in no time it was all gone. He asked her if she was ready to run with him and go away but she said she couldnt, she was too weak to do that. He couldnt imagine his life without her. He tied a rope with the fan and placed it around his neck, he stood on a chair and it all started coming back to him. All what they had thought, the kind of life they had wanted, the kind of life he had wished for, it all fell apart, he was helpless, he couldn’t do anything, he had never felt this much helpless before. It had all fallen apart, it was all gone, one moment she was there right infront of him, in his arms, he closed his eyes and when he opened them it was all gone, she wasn’t there. He was alone and the sky, it was getting dark. Everything he had wished for was going away from him and he couldn’t do anything. He opened his eyes, murmered something, got rid of the chair and there, he was gone. At just that moment a text was recieved on his phone and it was her text “I’m ready to leave my parents and run away with you” but…he was already gone.

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