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Shattered, broken and dishearted he thought
He has left everything for something he still hasnt sought
A million thoughts crossed his mind
How can he be so blind
Confused and deluded, he pittied himself
Feeling like a helpless, useless, powerless elf
How can he be so naïve
Chasing something he knew, he would never achieve
And yet there he sat under the cloudy sky
Closing his eyes wondering about her, he sighed
And even after all this time and what he had been through
He has nothing left, but rue

Kesy Lot Aye Ho..

Mere dil ke chokhat par, aj kesy lot aye ho

Dil to dukha gaye thy, ab kia leny aaye ho

Jin raaston ko chor kar main ab sanbhal paaya tha

Kia un raaston par muge lota deny aye ho

Woh jin yaadon ko bhool kar main muskurany laga tha

Kia un yadon ko phir se taza karny aye ho

Woh jin zakhmaun par marham laga kar main zindagi jeeny laga tha

Kia un zakhmaun pr namak chirhakny aye ho

Aj kuch hua hai jo tum lot aye ho

Yaqenan dil dukha kar phir akela chor jany aye ho

A Tear

Its dark, he’s alone
And he misses you
He wants to cry
But his heart has become stiff
His eyes have gone dry
He wants to scream
But his voice has gone missing
He thinks
About heartbreak
About how he got betrayed
He misses you but at the same time
He’s angry at you
But he still loves you
He still wants to be with you
He’ll give up everything in a second to have you back
He is frightened
And you’re his only saviour
He may have grown up but he’s still the same
The same person who slept in your arms
In his childhood
The same person who cried on your shoulder
When he was sad
The same person who found peace in your kisses
When he was scared
He writes
he misses you more
And oh finally
He sheds a…

(I think I miss my mother)

A wish

Today in the downhall I was sitting by the aisle

Thinking about us for a while
Thinking about what we could have had
Its shocking how it turned out to be so bad
The stories the plans the life we thought about
But its all gone now leaving behind just the doubts
But now I am here all alone losing my retention
Still reminscing everything, relishing all the moments
And in this wind I still feel your fragrance
And with that I wish that you’ll comeback


Do you remember the pain you inflicted on me when you left?

Have you ever thought about that horrifying moment?

Did you see how my eyes sparkled when I asked you to stay?

Have you ever thought about me the way I have been thinking about you for past two years?

Did you see my sudden smile when you said “I’ll come back” ?

Have you ever missed me the way I miss you?

Do you not regret your decision? Tell me? Do you not?


Jab Khizan main pattay gir jaty hain

To ankhain teri rah takti hain

Jab barish ke boondain tip tip girti hain

To dil tuge yad krta hai

Jab sham ko parindy lot kr jaty hain

To teri yad jagaty jaty hain

Jab badal zor sai garajta hai

To tera pyar yad ata hai

Aur jab sooraj chamakny lagta hai

To ek umeed se jag jati hai

Yeh dil tuge yad karta hai

Yeh ankhain teri rah daikhti hain

Par maan, par….


All these poems which I wrote for you

But they were still ignored by you

All these poems which meant so much

But they were still unable to earn your trust

All these poems written with a bleeding heart

But they weren’t able to turn your stubborn heart

All these poems written to reduce the pain

But your ignorance made them of no gain

all these poems engraved with my feelings

but you never even bothered to open their sealing

Though I know this one won’t be treated differently

But I’ll still write these poems repeatedly

Maybe one day you’ll read it all

And maybe it will move your heart

Peshawar we stand with you!

Kids dressed up for assembly prayers

Monsters dressed up for an inhumane act

Sun decided not to rise

As God had planned a dark day

Little kids reading poems

Huge monsters planning attacks

And then the world stood still

Tears were dropped

They were so heartless

That they attacked little kids

But we don’t mourn on Martyrs

Its time for us to stand

Its time for us to stand as one

Its time we end our disputes

Its time we end our conflicts

Its time to support each other

Its time for us to prove what we can do

Its time for us to stay together

Its time for us to stand with everyone

Its time for us to stand as a Nation


Your Voice

There’s something really weird about this night

It’s awkwardly cold and sky isn’t bright

It’s cloudy everywhere and stars are out of sight

But still from somewhere I can hear your voice

Beautiful, melodious like a nightingale in the sky

Music to my ears is this symphonious voice

And I am sure it will make me sleep at night

(P.S: wrote this for my mom whom I can’t wait to meet after 5 very long months)