Oh the reasons keep piling up for why I still want you

The memories keep coming back to haunt me

The stories keep reminding me of what we shared

My mind keeps thinking about what I lost

The world keeps circulating around you

And I think I’m gonna die thinking about you


When you want to talk to someone

But you don’t find anyone

When you need a shoulder to cry on

But there’s no-one to carry you on

When you want yourself to feel alive

But there’s nothing but tears to wipe

You want to get rid of the pain

But it all makes you more & more insane

Still Lost

And that wind took away

all the memories we had

It made me feel so bad

And with that I felt

Your touch moving away

It made me feel astray

And I thought it was over

But it wasn’t quiet over

I am still trying to figure out a way

A path,which will lead me

To you. 

Lost souls and arranged words