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Its a tragic story which I am about to write today

I am sitting here in front of your partially completed portrait

There is a lot I want to say, but much to my dismay

I don’t have the heart to say it all today

What I am writing about is how I got betrayed

By your gorgeous eyes and pretty blushing face

I am writing about all those gorgeous days

When life was good and between us we had short ways

But it all suddenly changed and now I am in this phase

Thinking about you and wishing you had stayed

Guess I am doing it again today

This is why I need to get back to your portrait



I cant sleep and I am in despond
I have been waiting for you to respond
There’s darkness around and fear in my head
I am laying hopelessly on my bed
Right now I’m in a terrible state
Longing on about my fate
Thunderstorm is striking hard
Eveything is tumbling like a house of cards
Maybe its because I havent seen you in a while
And maybe you are what I need to feel alive